Discreet sex date

I’m Tess and I’m a model..well I used to be back in the day although I still get to book a couple of gigs every now and then. It’s more of a hobby now. I’ve pretty much settled down got married had children white picket fence etc. I still have a bit of a wild side and there are certain aspects sexually that I still want to explore and explore with other people.

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Horny Cheating Housewife

I am a passionate, loving and a very fun woman. I am still married and sometimes I feel like being a housewife, sometimes makes me waste away the precious times on being idle while waiting for the husband and kids. I need a distraction. I am looking for a discreet, fun and a very friendly man. Someone who can make me get me all naughty and hot. He must be that guy who can show me a very different kind of fun.

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let me watch

I’ll make this simple. my gal and I have had always this fantasy of watching each other have sex with a man. She was never too serious about it, but I am. So, if you are game, just let me know. I am looking for a man who is game, and who got the goods and the best package ever. lol. Us girls loves a big one and a man who can show me and my gal the freakiest time ever. cutting this talk, if you are interested, just let me know, ASAP!!!

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Lonely wife dating

awesome be it in or out..of where you go figure. ;) simply put, I am a fun woman as good as it lasts and it last good mind you. I am the kind of woman who likes to play it to the extreme. loves to explore it and everything. I am looking for a man who can tease me and please me all the time. a man who likes to get it hot and going. A man who is full of life and vigor and can make a woman like me melt like butter outside the summer sun.

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Discreet sex date

when I am in love, all thing are bright and beautiful. But now that I am single again, I feel like I am a lost soul without a cause. I am divorced, single working mom, who likes to go get out there and have fun. I am looking for a man who is genuinely nice. Someone who can give me a great time and will not do anything to me that will hurt or disappoint me. He must be a man who can do me right all night long and for the rest of the days and nights to come

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