Are you willing to try?

Undergoing a divorce right now, no kids of my own but have 2 nephews living with me. I enjoy attending parties and gatherings. Candlelight dinner and white wine is the one for me. jazz and classical music is something I enjoy listening to. I’m looking for Someone who enjoys the same luxuries that I do. Men who are used to living their life to the fullest. Sensible also

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Lonely wife dating

awesome be it in or out..of where you go figure. ;) simply put, I am a fun woman as good as it lasts and it last good mind you. I am the kind of woman who likes to play it to the extreme. loves to explore it and everything. I am looking for a man who can tease me and please me all the time. a man who likes to get it hot and going. A man who is full of life and vigor and can make a woman like me melt like butter outside the summer sun.

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To find a sexual partner

I have been divorced for a while now and I have no plans to ever get married again. I am just here to have some fun, find a sexual partner that will be outgoing and not take this all too serious. All I want is a little pleasure out of you ;) I need a man that will be down to earth, treat me like a woman and not get too overly involved with what we have going on. I like to keep things simple and if you do too….I think everything will work out for us.

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the wild side

I don’t really know what to say here but here we go. I own my own small business that keeps me traveling often so I don’t really have a chance to meet men. Since I do travel so much, I figured that maybe on here I can meet some men from all over the States. Then if I’m in your area, maybe we can get together, share a few drinks and even possibly relieve some tension that all this traveling causes me :) I like sofisticated gentlemen who know how to please women.

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Horny Cheating Wife

attractive, sweet and a woman who is always out for fun and excitement. I am open minded and always interested in just being pleased all the way. I am down for kinky trouble so come and get me. I am seeking for a man who is single, sensual and can give me a great and sexy fun. He must be someone who can appreciate me and give me a nice time when I need some cheering up. he must be a guy who is open to all the things that can give us fun, no matter how crazy it is.

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Fly away with me

Im at a point in my life where i just don’t care about consequences and all i do care about is the pleasure i get from doing things. For such a long time i’ve lived vigorously and righteously …im bored beyond my wits. Looking for a man who is fun, someone i am compatible with, and have fun with. I am not looking for a new husband i just need an able lover who would be there whenever i call.

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Discreet sex date

when I am in love, all thing are bright and beautiful. But now that I am single again, I feel like I am a lost soul without a cause. I am divorced, single working mom, who likes to go get out there and have fun. I am looking for a man who is genuinely nice. Someone who can give me a great time and will not do anything to me that will hurt or disappoint me. He must be a man who can do me right all night long and for the rest of the days and nights to come

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Dating a divorced woman

I’m voluptuous, energetic, extremely sweet and affectionate, well educated, open minded and easy to be with. I have been divorced for 4 years, met some nice men and had some relationships since, and I guess for various reasons, haven’t met the right one whose on the same page. My job is fairly good, I travel sometimes for work and have a wonderful family and set of friends. Life is good, but I also enjoy dating, the wild intimate fun and the romance.


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